Tragedy of the Commons

by Bullshit Tradition

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released September 29, 2012

BST is:
Derek - guitar
Adam - bass
Tom - drums
Samantha - guitar

Engineered and Produced by Justin Gonyea
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege



all rights reserved


Bullshit Tradition Burlington, Vermont

Bullshit Tradition was a vegan hardcore punk band from Burlington, VT. Formed by members of Unrestrained in late 2010, we released a 6 song demo on Headfirst! records out of Greensboro, NC and a full length "Tragedy of The Commons" on Prolific Summer.

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Track Name: The Ark
tide rising, we'll never make it home. this is our salvation, isolation. rising, rising, rising, nothing but blue all the way through, this ship of fools. rising, rising, we'll never make it home.
Track Name: Delusions
liar. there's nothing sacred, no deeper meaning in your faith, your prayers aren't worth more than atheistic beliefs. guilt handed down from sin at birth to destroy our mind and spirits, hides the truth. an empire built on a cross, paraded and exploited hungry masses consumed by false acclamations with evil eyes and sharpened teeth, a thirst for power. lies. delusions of grandeur. there's nothing god has you can't find within yourself, we're not in debt for our existence, and you don't have to hate yourself and waste your love on what we know is just a hoax, there is no god.
Track Name: Born Without
lost within our claim to life, we dig our heels and kick and scream of morality. and those born without, who hang their heads, hiding hope between their sighs, bear the burden of consequence. born without, or born within, won't recognize your judgment, your governance over mind and body by racist cops and crooked laws. eating away our humanity, crumbling foundation, people before nation.
Track Name: Cessation
frozen lungs pull in and out, gasping broken breaths and pushing poison out. empty streets, stark cold and beckoning, grinding motion to a halt. a never changing grey, such somber subtlety, in the way the landscape sits. falling into tundra, dead trees embrace what's left, another winter, another death.
Track Name: Vested
stagnance, like a fucking dog, tears at my throat. drowning in a pool of blood, gasping for air. perpetually restless, impulsive endeavors. insatiable urge to diverge from the comfort of tedium. how could you, how could i still sleep through the day? fear, of the unknown, of losing your sense of security, eight years and counting is taking it's toll. still young, still full of life. ambitions bleeding out, lie fallow lie self deprived. when death extends it's icy hands, when your last breath is exhaled, will you face death with fulfillment? or beg for another chance?
Track Name: Moribund
the degradation of the modern world, seen through the eyes of sacrifice could never measure up to the gift we choose to destroy. blindfolded, gagged and dragged to the alter, served up as a gift to their gods, vultures encircle and feast on the carcass, as we give thanks to the cause. and we will find you in the darkest night, and we will fight you until our last breath.
Track Name: Remains
our conversations always end the same. walking on egg shells while injustices remain, nothing has changed, something must changed. where do we see ourselves, in who's eyes does our form take shape? a culture indifferent to another beings life time of pain? (something must change) or in solidarity with the oppressed, by refusing to submit to our coerced impulse, consumption of flesh.
Track Name: No Hell but Here
at the hands of our will, she meets her end, covered in blood wounded chest broken bones, cut off breasts, raped and left there for dead, caught in between revolution and greed, an atrocity waged in a war fueled by need to control those who differ from what we believe. at the hands of our will. our empathy, overshadowed by lust, white lines, dollar signs and a cross to distract from a view beyond what we can touch. the flame of humanity is dead, darkness sets in, unless we rekindle what burns inside us, sacrificing false needs for a more humane life. at the hands of our will. as long as we believe in absurdities, we will continue to commit atrocities.
Track Name: Swords
aerial drones and robot soldiers, guns, grenades and predetermined codes, when their control center crashes, they have minds of their own. remote controls in cowards hands, war machines deployed to rape the land. prime directive: exterminate. hide behind a screen while you destroy families, a new type of arms race for wealthy countries.
Track Name: August Spies
dominion of mind, dominion of human need, dominion of conduct. three dominions appeased only through complete submission to your god, your wealth, your state, totalitarian control. their badges, a god to pacify, their weapons, fear to sedate, our voices a thorn to break their skin, our silence will be avenged. fear seeps through our cracks, we fall stagnant to the ground, our birth rights denied, forced to surrender to survive. dominion of mind, dominion of human need, dominion of conduct, the stronghold of mans enslavement.
Track Name: Forced Into Shame
drowning in sickness for days, what shame brought you here? down, to death on your knees. and what words did he speak to make you feel worthless, with nowhere to turn? forced into shame. oh the righteous feel mighty, wielding their power with weight, crashing it down with vengeance upon those they perceive as immoral. your death bed belongs to them.