Empty Eyes Demo 2011

by Bullshit Tradition

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released June 15, 2011

Bullshit Tradition is: Derek, Tom and Adam



Tracks 1-4 Recorded at Low-Tech Studios - One Main Street Burlington, VT by Gus on June 12th 2011

Tracks 5 & 6 Recorded by Jeff Bazz February 2011

Additional guitar tracks on Swords & Delusions by Tye Tonkin



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Bullshit Tradition Burlington, Vermont

Bullshit Tradition was a vegan hardcore punk band from Burlington, VT. Formed by members of Unrestrained in late 2010, we released a 6 song demo on Headfirst! records out of Greensboro, NC and a full length "Tragedy of The Commons" on Prolific Summer.

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Track Name: Empty Eyes
EMPTY EYES. In a world this cold, it's hard to be a fire when you're born against an icy wall that you could never be enough to break. I've seen what we can become, what we're capable of, and how long it takes to learn to be yourself. Empty eyes, empty fate. I've seen you take her hand, like she was yours, glazed over drunken eyes (empty) rolling back and forth. Yeah, I've felt helpless before, but not empty like you pulling her through that door, as she mouthed “help me” through the window. Empty eyes, empty fate. And I wanted you to die. For a second, I wished there was a god, and a hell that I could send you to, but there's nothing, just like you. Empty eyes, empty fate. And in your empty eyes, your empty fate awaits, your empty soul, worthless.
Track Name: The Invisible Hand
THE INVISIBLE HAND. A master plan, hatched with a fatal flaw. Empire's crumble under the weight of it all. A sudden darkness, rising fast, razing a structure never fated to last. Our consumption, like a cancer on the world. Stolen resources, leaving eco-systems destroyed. Built on violence, hatred bred through greed and fear. Wars waged in the name of excess and realized through deceit and lies. Forced from birth to buy our lives from politicians, police and priests, who sell nothing but lies. A war with ourselves, a war we can not win, an endless void, lost before it begins. It must be easy to justify your wealth through trickle down theory so you don't hate yourself. Well, you don't have to, because we already do, and that shallow oversight will be the death of you.
Track Name: Animals
ANIMALS. I can't forget their cries of misery. I wont forgive atrocities. When I look into their eyes all I feel is rage for the animals. Humanity should be ashamed for allowing this slavery continued unchallenged for so many years. No act of forgiveness can ever right this wrong. Agony felt for so fucking long. The animals are not our slaves.
Track Name: There is No Hell but War is Close
THERE IS NO HELL BUT WAR IS CLOSE. At the hands of our will, she meets her end. Covered in blood wounded chest broken bones cut of breasts raped and left there for dead. Caught in between, revolution and greed, an atrocity waged in a war fueled by need to control those who differ from what we believe. At the hands of our will. Our empathy, overshadowed by lust. White lines dollar signs and a cross to distract from a view beyond what we can touch. The flame of humanity's dead, as darkness sets in. Unless we rekindle what burns inside us, sacrificing false needs for a more humane life. At the hands of our will. As long as we believe in absurdities we will continue to commit atrocities.
Track Name: Swords
SWORDS. Arial drones and robot soldiers with guns, grenades and predetermined codes. When their control center crashes they have minds of their own. Remote controls in cowards hands, war machines deployed to rape the land. Prime directive: exterminate. Hide behind a screen while you destroy families, a new type of arms race for wealthy countries.